3D Home Tours – The New Normal

3D Home Tours – The New Normal

As the pandemic continues, we are finding different ways to continue working and going about our normal daily lives all the while doing things a little different than we did before. New technologies have been introduced to the real estate industry that allows virtual tours of homes via virtual reality tech. It seems now that the pandemic COVID-19 has created an increase for virtual home tours due to people practicing social distancing and going through lockdowns at short notice.

Virtual reality is made from people’s plans that are then created in 3D and made come to life using a remote and helmet that the user will wear and be able to control. Due to lockdowns occurring for days at a time, the real estate industry would not be able to survive. Clients don’t want to be buying homes they cannot see. By offering virtual tours, people can still see the homes and are quite often happy to buy once they have had a virtual reality tour. These tours are done with hi-tech gear, so it is just like the real thing.

Saves you time

Display homes are set up in Melbourne by companies to showcase or to give a visual of how the completed house would look like, which entices more buyers. Buyers look around these display homes to look at the potential of their purchase. 3D Virtual Home Tours – The New NormalBut due to the pandemic, this isn’t happening. So, virtual tours are the next best option. 3D virtual tours can also mean saving time for real estate and clients. This also allows those who live far away to view the home and even purchase without having to travel far distances. The clients can click on the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, etc., and they will see a 3D view of each area. Real estate agents love the fact that they can spend more time finding new clients and scheduling bookings instead of worrying about traveling to view-ins.

Online communication 

Another thing that people love about virtual home tours is that they allow for better interaction with the online system, and you can even comment on the property and ask questions about any subject related to the home or the location. This also allows you to give the seller some real-time feedback at your convenience.

From imagination to reality

Potential buyers can be guided through a home via a 3D tour to see what the home will look like once it has been completed. Buyers can communicate and leave comments before the construction process starts. This not only aids the clients to see each property and build up a connection that is more in-depth than just seeing 2D pictures, but it also helps clients give their insights into the new home design plans and personalize it to their liking.

Increase your traffic

Virtual reality home tours can hold someone’s attention span longer than images and text can. This means you will have more traffic to your website. Buyers like to be able to picture themselves living in the home, which can be done more so with a 3D tour than images and text. A virtual tour of display homes is highly recommended at this time. This can amplify a potential buyer’s interest in your property. Display homes in Melbourne have been toured during the pandemic using this technology.

Global reach 

Showing potential buyers around homes, arranging visits, and talking over terms and conditions is very time-consuming for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. When 3D tours are in place, people from all around far and wide can view the home, which means the door for more clients has opened.

All those in the real estate industry need to be investing in the tech for 3D virtual home tours. It can seem expensive to buy everything to set it up, but you are going to be able to sell homes if you are again in COVID-19 lockdown with the help of the videos and graphics of display homes that the 3D virtual reality tours can provide. Only basic editing is needed, which is easy to learn, so there are no extra fees to hire third parties to carry out editing.