What Your Cigar Preference Says

What Your Cigar Preference Says

A true cigar aficionado would gladly talk about cigar smoking as more of a passion. Every experience is something to be cherished. It means, to enjoy it, one must always smoke it at a slow pace. Most gentlemen smoke one at specific times, for the majority, this is at high-class social gatherings. Unlike cigarettes, which are smoked rapidly, Cigars are enjoyed at a significantly slower pace, this is to appreciate the flavor and other aspects that make lighting up a cigar so likable.

Cigars denote class, elegance, and upper-class status, they have since become a trend amongst socialites and are a strong part of the identity of any higher socio-economic class members. There are many different types of Cigars that all have different specific appeals. Your Cigar preference can say a lot about the type of person you are and speak volumes about your personality.   



While beginners may struggle to decide on which Cigar to get while in a cigar shop or online, picking up a familiar flavor can be a good starting point.  

  1. Cigars with leather, coffee, or wood undertones exude the rich smell of mahogany and the feel of aged leather, which are all elements of something luxurious. 
  2.  If you prefer these tones, you’re more likely to enjoy branded things and designer stuff. People who like this kind of cigar, smoke it with an aged brandy at hand. Or smoke it wearing some expensive tailored jacket. Do not be surprised that you would see somebody smoking this wearing leather shoes and a Rolex discussing politics, literature, or culture. 
  3. Cigars that contain honey, floral and fruity flavors are very exciting. They are the Chiq ones. Bright, talkative, but with style. People who smoke these cigars are generally the friendliest in the crowd of suits, leather, and bow ties. Usually, they belong to younger demographics. With this youthful attitude comes the preference for something fun. People who prefer these are outgoing and probably people who like a simple get-together and a backyard barbecue. Most of the time, these personalities enjoy themselves when they are out. 
  4. Cigars that have flavors such as herbs, spices, or cocoa are associated with exotic people. These people tend to hang around in coffee shops and believe mornings are essential in being productive. People who prefer this flavor are hardworking and mindful. Exotic people are thought to be trendy and are quick onto the most current cultural phenomenon. They prefer unique drinks and are pretty daring in just about anything. They are cultured, but to some, they may be considered edgy or tense with their style. 


By Size 

Many say that size also becomes one of the key factors. Should you decide to smoke a long or short one, it reflects the way you see life. The longer the cigar, the longer you smoke. And the larger the ring size, the slower you smoke it. The length and ring size of a cigar say a little about how the smoker approaches life. Myths about women smoking a long and thick cigar can be associated with the replacement they need. Some say that those who prefer a longer one like to take their time and that they are the master of it. 


 Romeo and Juliet’s cigars are one of the most common preferences amongst smokers who got time to spare to smoke. Your preference reflects how you want to enjoy your cigar and it speaks a lot about one’s personality. Trying out other flavors, now and then, is like reassessing yourself and trying to view something from a new perspective.

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