Ergonomics in your Office Fitout

Ergonomics in your Office Fitout

When long hours are spent seated in the office, it could take its toll on one’s posture and lower back due to the weight that is carried for prolonged periods. NIOSH gathered data back in 1991 regarding back disorders becoming one of the leading causes of disability for people, who are in their working years, finding that it affects over 600,000 workers every year.

To relieve the body of this pressure, proper accessories for lower back support have been developed allowing for employees to work in comfort in a position that isn’t detrimental to their spinal health. Sooner rather than later, it became essential, not only to provide back support but to ensure all new office fitouts came equipped with seating that is not only functional and stylish but also healthy for the workforce. 

Here are some of these accessories that will make you feel like sitting on clouds while providing long-term relief for the lower back:

Seat Cushions
Seat Cushions relieve the lower back muscles and the tailbone from extreme pressure, minimizing back pain. These products relieve the coccyx, tailbone, and hip bones of pressure.

The brand, Everlasting Comfort, offers multiple products that provide back and lumbar support. This seat cushion for your office chair has multiple purposes. Not only does it support your back, but it’s also good for sciatica, posture correction, and coccyx relieving the tailbone of pain.

Ergonomically designed and made with pure memory foam, this heat-responsive product will eventually conform to the user’s bottom due to regular use which aids its final shape. When this happens, there’s less resistance between the buttocks and the chair, which comfort depends greatly. Also, it has a nonslip cover that prevents the user from sliding off while moving the seat. ComfiLife also has seat cushions with an innovative cooling gel layer for added comfort. It remains intact, yet washable. 

While its primary purpose is for an office chair accessory, one could also use it in the car, while watching TV on the couch, or while traveling.

Boardroom Seating

Lumbar Back Cushion
Ikea’s Home Office section provides a lumbar cushion (Bortberg) that can be attached to your office chair with its “sewn-on touch-and-close fastening” feature. Using this cushion will prevent the user from slouching while sitting down aiding the spine and lower back throughout. 

Lumbar Support Pillow
When working long hours, back support becomes necessary. Hence, this product’s ergonomic design aiming to help its user to attain a healthy posture.

Everlasting Comfort’s Lumbar Support Pillow is made of pure memory foam and is made to relieve pain points. With dual adjustable straps, repositioning becomes easy depending on your pressure points. For example, place it a bit higher if experiencing upper back pain. 

Ergonomic Orthopedic Back Support
BodyHealt offers various health products and is a company devoted to providing support and helping people gain comfort whilst alleviating pain. They have an Ergonomic Orthopedic Back Support Backrest to help improve the user’s posture while avoiding back pains for you in the future.  

According to product reviews, using this may decrease backpressure by 35% while its ergonomic design re-aligns the spine. Slouching is a result of the subconscious. It adapts such posture when the lower back gets tired, usually from sitting and working long hours but this product aims to prevent that. 

These office chair accessories are highly recommended by orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, and medical doctors. They are ideal to be used anywhere in the office to provide optimal spinal support for boardroom seating, conference rooms, waiting rooms, or any seated area within your office.