Top 4 Reasons Your Company Should Start Hiring Interns

Top 4 Reasons Your Company Should Start Hiring Interns

Internship Plan, Grab Talents In Advance

With the increasingly fierce competition for the geniuses of outstanding college students, campus recruitment has been ignited in advance. Well-known companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, GE, and Siemens have been operating stellar internship programs for many years. As a front stop for campus recruitment, big company internships have achieved outstanding results known across industries. For example, IBM has held the “Blue Road” summer internship program for college students for many years. The person in charge publicly stated: “We basically no longer continue to do campus recruitment activities, but replace traditional campus recruitment with intern programs.”.  Google even had a movie made about their internship experience, see The Internship (2013). The rise of wide varieties of internships available has prompted even small businesses to start venturing in hiring interns.

Approach the internship program

The difference between the internship program and campus recruitment is the target of recruitment. On-campus recruitment is only for fresh graduates, while the internship program is mainly for sophomores, juniors, and graduate students, and can also include fresh graduates in a broad sense.

There are two types of internship programs. One is independent of campus recruitment programs, such as the summer intern program, which is scheduled before campus recruitment, the second is closely related to campus recruitment, and is a continuation of campus recruitment programs, that is, Spring Internships. They are fresh graduates who have issued an Offer in campus recruitment. Generally speaking, companies will hold summer and spring internship programs at the same time, or only hold spring internship programs.

Some multinational companies even open the door for recruiting interns throughout the year. They regard the recruitment and training of interns as a daily management task focusing on the medium and long-term and have rolling interns recruitment plans every month.

Four Reasons To Hire Interns

(1) Discover and Reserve Talents

College students have a certain professional foundation; they are young, malleable, and innovative, perfect for bringing in new ideas for your enterprise. The internship program can not only provide job opportunities for college students, but also allow college students to experience corporate life, get in touch with corporate culture, and be familiar with corporate work processes, to achieve a smooth transition from school to society.

In this process, companies can inspect the quality and abilities of students through internships and select talents from them.

(2) Enhance Employer Brand

As one of the important subjects of social development, enterprises should also fulfil their social obligation of enhancing the practical experience of college students, which is a way for enterprises to repay society. The internship program provides a platform for college students to become social talents and future talents, demonstrating the company’s attention and importance to the new generation of talents, and also reflects the company’s commitment to cultivating college students who have just stepped out of school into the competitive corporate world, where they have to face the outstanding industry talents as their colleagues and commitment and responsibility as their deadlines for work.

An excellent intern system can establish a good employer brand for companies. A company’s meticulous design and implementation of the internship program can leave a deep and beautiful impression on the intern. They can lay a solid foundation for the company not just on-campus recruitment, but also leave a great impression on the intern’s future employers and build a reputation for your brand in your industry. After interns enter society, they will promote the corporate campus employer brand to the social employer brand.

(3) Meet The Needs of Staged Talents

The demand for human resources in an enterprise is not fixed, and it is difficult to control it within the human resource demand plan completely. When enterprises carry out certain temporary projects, the shortage of human resources becomes an important obstacle to the smooth completion of the project. For example, companies need to carry out relevant marketing planning activities for some special situations, or a certain scientific research project temporarily needs some assistants to help deal with basic data and information, etc. At this time, with the help of a student placement system, a company can have a well-rounded internship program in place, it can immediately start from the reserve. Appropriate personnel is selected from the intern files and quickly put into the corresponding positions.

(4) Improve The Human Resources Management System

If an enterprise has established a sound interns system, the recruitment and training of interns can become an important part of the overall human resource strategy of the enterprise. By establishing a system, companies can allow interns to give full play to their abilities and potentials and create more value for the company. Through close contact with interns, companies can learn more about the characteristics of the new generation of talents, thereby urging them to formulate human resource mechanisms more effectively and maximize the potential of the new generation of talents.