Enhanced Tasmanian Travel Blog

Enhanced Tasmanian Travel Blog

Are you planning a trip to Tasmania, Australia? Want to discover the best content to contribute for your travel blogging job? Most tourist attractions in Tasmania are already well-known all over Australia, yet there are many other hidden, unknown places to see. Many hidden gems make Tasmania a beautiful place to visit, like beaches, art studios, coves, islands, secret headlands, etc. You may not see any of these hidden places in pictures or travel brochures. However, each place is worth visiting as it will enhance your trip to Tasmania. When you get to these places, you will realise that they are off the beaten track enough to enjoy as well as make the perfect piece for your stand out-unique blog.

Before you book your flight to Tasmania, here are some hidden unknowns that will enhance your trip. You might need about 1 to 2 weeks to explore them all!


The first secret that will definitely enhance your trip to Tasmania is the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Visit MONA, not during the regular museum opening hours, but outside of usual operating times to experience the beautiful sunset or sunrise displays of the Amarna. During these times, MONA presents a light show that complements the natural beauty at the end or beginning of each day. You will only see this hidden secret outside of MONA’s regular opening hours. This means that you will need to come along with your own food and drinks, and maybe a cosy cover if you are visiting in wintertime. Worried about your stay? Not anymore. You have various hotel accommodations around where you can have your mix of business and pleasure with the Hobarts finest art and boutique hotels. Have your luxury stay along with creative content to write for your piece.

Boat Harbour Beach

Another gem of a place that would surely enhance your trip to Tasmania is Boat Harbour Beach, one of the finest little beaches. It is just a 10-minute drive from Wynyard. Although this place always popular during the peak holiday seasons, you might find that you are the only person there in off-peak summertime.

Boat Harbour Beach has crystal clear water and pristine white sand covered with lots of rock pools for you to explore, surrounded by a small community of people that are both welcoming and friendly. Harvest and Cater Café located in the area offers a relaxed vibe that makes it an excellent place for enjoying a fish burger and a cold beer at the end of the day.

South Bruny

Guests to Bruny could either select to stay on the north end of Bruny, more inland or prefer the beach at Adventure Bay. There is plenty of local produce at the Bruny Island Cheese Company and Get Shucked. However, if you are a bit more adventurous of nature, then you should head towards the south end of Bruny, where you can enjoy some delicious fresh seafood at Hotel Bruny in Alonnah, and the absolute best cherry cheesecake at Bruny Island Premium Wines in Lunawanna. To enjoy a more tranquil end to your day, you can spend an early evening at The Neck to watch fairy penguins coming home to rest after dusk. South Bruny is also known for their various hotels around the perimeter known to make one’s job halt feel more like a vacation.

King Island

King Island is yet another special place to visit. It is just 27km wide and 64km long and located at the centre of the Bass Strait between the North West coast of Tasmania and Victoria. King Island has lots of green pastures, which makes it a great source of dairy products. Visit and sample some fresh dairy produce at the King Island Dairy. The surrounding waters also offer both great seafood and an opportunity for you to surf.

Maria Island

To finalise your trip to Tasmania, you must definitely visit Maria Island, truly a unique place to totally de-stress. It has no shops or vehicles. Maria Island is situated just off the East Coast of Tasmania and can easily be accessed from Triabunna by ferry. Once you get to Maria Island, you can enjoy wildlife spotting, snorkelling, cycling and walking. You will really appreciate your visit to Maria Island as it contains a lot of endangered wildlife, such as Tasmanian devils, Bennett’s wallabies, and forester kangaroos.

The list is infinite, but the five hidden secrets listed above are worth visiting and would really enhance your trip as well as your travel blog about Tasmania.